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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Every effort is made in means of trained staff, well-maintained vehicles and equipment, security fences and security cameras to make the car park secure. However, parts of the car park are open to the public and, whilst staff have instructions to remove anyone not authorised to be on the premises, Park Farm cannot guarantee the security of your vehicle nor its contents nor your belongings nor your personal safety. Customer’s vehicles are fully insured whilst in our car park.

Park Farm assumes you will keep your parking receipt corresponding to your car safely and ready to hand in on your return. Accordingly the Company;

1.    Will accept liability in respect of the loss or damage to your vehicle that may arise whilst under Park Farm control and is caused by our negligence, wilful act or default or breach of statutory duty and only if the damage is reported before you and your vehicle leave the premises.

2.    Park Farm does not accept liability for damage to vehicles or other property arising from acts of nature as the car park's open-air surface operations. Nor will the Company accept responsibility for minor scratches, dents or chips to paintwork. The Company will also not be responsible or accept liability for any visual damage that cannot be seen and noted due to the weather conditions (i.e. rain, hail, snow or frost) or where the exterior of a vehicle is in a dirty state. Park Farm will also not accept responsibility for damaged windscreens or other glass, other than where the same is proved and to the extent that it is proved to be caused by our negligence.

3.    Park Farm does not accept responsibility or liability for any mechanical or electrical failure to vehicles whilst in its custody which includes flat batteries, key fobs, alarms and immobiliser. Nor will Park Farm accept responsibility for damaged wheels, tyres or punctured tyres, only where it the same is proved to be caused by our negligence where the same is proved and to the extent that it is proved by our negligence, wilful default or breach of statutory duty.

4.    Park Farm cannot be held responsible if you lose your return receipt and this is presented to Park Farm by a third party who uses it to fraudulently take delivery of your car.

5.    Park Farm does not accept any responsibility or liability for delays of its services, caused as a result of circumstances beyond its control such as traffic congestion, road accidents, delayed flights, security alerts, severe weather conditions, luggage delays and immigration delays.

6.    We do not accept any responsibility or liability for any theft, loss or damage to any personal property or loose items left within the vehicle whilst at our premises (whether or not during the Parking Period):

7.    We do not accept responsibility for damage caused by the general public or another customer.

8. We do not take responsibility to any personal property (including travelling luggage) of the Customer or any person travelling with the Customer either when at our premises or whilst travelling to or from Park Farm.


Park Farm cannot be held responsible if customers do not advise of any amendments required. For cancellations, you will need to give 14 days’ notice. Cancellations can only be made via our email


If you are eligible to receive a refund, to be able for us to process it we must receive an email from you requesting it along with the details of your booking. If you are eligible for a refund, we will refund the full amount minus the payment fees.


Payments need to be made via BACs payment in advance. 


Park Farm's liability is only liable to provide adequate storage space provided. The property and how the property is stored within this space is fully the customer's responsibility.

Neither the Customer nor any other person shall have the right to remove the vehicle or any other personal items left therein prior to payment in full of the parking fee. 

Any vehicle that is stored with us that is not deemed to be in a roadworthy condition or we are unable to move for any reason that has been caused by the customer or their vehicle, will incur an additional charge. 

It is the duty of the Customer to ensure that the vehicle is in a proper roadworthy condition prior to leaving the premises and entering the public highway.

Park Farm staff shall not be obliged to release the vehicle to a third party without the written authority of the Customer.

Customer's Liability

The Customer shall be liable for and indemnify Park Farm in respect of any death, personal injury or damage caused by the Customer or any person with the Customer whilst on Park Farm premises or in any way arising from a breach of the warranty in the paragraph below.

The Customer warrants to Park Farm that at the commencement of the Parking Period, the Customer's vehicle is in a safe and roadworthy condition has a current MOT certificate and road tax (if required by law) and that no dangerous toxic or illegal substances have been left within the vehicle. Park Farm are not responsible for the maintenance of your vehicle.

Complaints Procedure

Any communication in relation to a complaint can be made by e-mail to: or in writing to the address below:

Park Farm,
West Lane,
Felton Common,
BS40 9UP

We will endeavour to give a written response in respect of the complaint within 20 days of receiving


The contract between Park Farm and the Customer and any person travelling with the Customer shall be governed by the law of England and Wales and these conditions shall be construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and the parties hereby consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.

Additional Storage Terms and Conditions (added and last edited 25/01/2023)

1. In this contract J B Pearce ltd lease a space for storage of a caravan, trailer or vehicle ('vehicle').
3. The 'vehicle' is stored at the owner's risk, J B Pearce Ltd accepts no liability for loss or damage unless
it can be proven the damage/loss has been caused through our neglect of the 'vehicle' or the terms
set out in this contract. The storage site is open to the public and we cannot be
liable for their actions.
4. The 'vehicle' must be insured by the owner and kept insured during the period of storage.
5. The 'vehicle' must be secured as per the conditions of the owner's insurance policy in respect of
the stored unit.
6. All personal effects and valuables must be removed from the unit and the windows and doors to
remain locked during the period on site.
7. If the 'vehicle' owner terminates the contract prior to the agreed period, No refunds can be given.
8. In the event of the storage fee being overdue J B Pearce Ltd may retain possession (lien) until the
arrears are settled in full or otherwise discharged. In the event of a negative response to possession,
legal action may be taken to sell the ''vehicle' via The Torts Interference with Goods Act 1977. The
outstanding arrears will be deducted from the proceeds of the sale, as will any reasonable costs
incurred. The remaining balance will be retained to await collection.
9. Access can be obtained 24 hours a day 7 days a week, subject to access maintenance issues.
10. In order to comply with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 no gas bottles to be
stored. No other noxious, hazardous or explosive substances or preparations are allowed on site.
11. The 'Vehicle' must not be inhabited during the storage period.
12. J B Pearce Ltd excludes all liability caused by Vermin Infestation. Owners are advised to remove
food sources from the 'vehicle' during storage periods.
13. All units to be parked correctly within the allocated plot with the jockey wheel on, J B Pearce Ltd
reserve the right to allocate a different storage plot within the compound during the contract period.
14. Periodic checks may be made on the identity of all units stored on the site, vehicles must
display a current registration plate.
15. Any changes to the details provided by the plot holder in this agreement to be notified to J B
Pearce Ltd without undue delay.
16. All vehicles and the allocated plot area must be kept tidy and no litter left behind, a sign with
your name or unit’s registration number must be left on the plot when taking unit out. NO plastic
sheets or tarpaulins.
17. No repairs are to be carried out onsite. Access gained should be used only for the means of dropping
off and picking up stored vehicles.
18. No subletting of storage plot.
19. Only the registered user is permitted access to the site. You are responsible for all the actions of
persons you give access to and any damage or cost they cause whilst on site.
20. No trading is permitted from the site.
21. Strictly no pets/dogs are to be admitted onto the site.
22. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times Strictly no ball games or cycling.
23. J B Pearce Ltd accepts no liability for any damage caused through misuse of the security gate or
failure to follow the correct operating procedure.



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